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_Design Process


Generally the design process follows a quite straight forward route.

A no fee no obligation meeting will be set up at the Client's home or specifically where the project is to be carried out.

It normally makes sense for private Clients for the meeting to take place late afternoon or early evening when all parties can be available.

The initial meeting will be to discuss what the Client requires, sometimes the Client knows exactly what they want other times the Client may have a general idea but nothing hard and fast.

At this initial meeting I can tell the Client what they will be able to obtain planning permission for or not as the case may be and also a budget cost of build works depending how much information is available.

Revo Design feel it is very important to give the Client an as accurate price of likely build cost as possible so money is not wasted on drawings for work the Client will not be able to afford.

In quite a lot of instances it is not possible at this early stage to price the works until there is a clear indication of what will be required. In this case Revo can arrange to survey the property and come back with sketch scheme ideas so that the Client can get an idea of both size and appearance of the proposed work. A fee for this service can be given at the initial meeting.

Once the scheme has been approved by the Client Revo Design will be able to give a fee quote for the drawing works required. Obviously fees vary depending on size and design of property but are generally based on a percentage of the expected build cost.

Once drawings have been completed the relevant documentation is sent into the Local Authority, all form filling in and liaison with Local Authority is carried out by Revo Design the intention being to make the Planning and Building Regulation process as painless as possible for the Client.

Please note no drawings or documentation will be submitted to the Local Authority until the Client is 100% happy with the content.

A further three sets of drawings are issued to the Client when drawings are submitted to local Authority so as to allow works to be priced by Builders whilst the Planning process takes place.

An artist's impression can also be produced of your proposed project if required at an extra cost but generally this is only required for developers.

Once approvals have been gained all approved drawings are issued to the Client.

Having worked in the area for many years Revo Design Ltd are also in a position to put Clients in touch with reputable Builders in the area if required.




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