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_Bungalow Conversions


Revo has designed many bungalow conversions in the past.

These conversions vary from basic chalet style conversions incorporating dormers to front and rear of the property to a complete conversion where the whole roof is removed and a complete new storey with roof over added forming a house.

This can be a relatively cheap way of creating a quality property that would be out of reach financially if you chose to purchase instead.

The way Revo design these conversions is to maximise and retain what already exists of the property on the ground floor where possible so as to minimise build costs. There is no point knocking a wall down and then rebuilding it.

Obviously design of the property with regard to scale and visual impact can be dependent on surrounding properties and location.




Revo designed kitchen extension
Revo designed bungalow conversion
Revo designed bungalow conversion
Revo designed bungalow conversion

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